Miura X Limegarden

  If you’re looking for something unique and custom made,be it for weddings,engagements or casual wear,head down to Miura at 390 Victoria Street, Golden Landmark, #02-24 and have a little chat with the friendly ladies or simply drop them a mail to hello@themiura.com. Do visit https://www.facebook.com/miurasg/timeline for […]

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Miura Blooms

  If you’re looking for unique flower arrangements,bouquets or even to the tiniest boutonnieres,head down to Miura at 390 Victoria Street, #02-24, Golden Landmark or simply drop them a mail to hello@themiura.com

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Shaiful & Fariha

Our Love Story… “It all started in a same workplace. A new office girl was approached by an engineer to check on his checklist of spares for the vessel he is working on. Stumbled upon that request the new girl was unprepared as the staff […]

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Hanni Qayden – Daddy Day Care

If you guys remember this couple,well here’s that kiddo who was in the lady’s tummy for 9 whole months.Ouh and you can find their wedding photos lurking somewhere in here too!How time flies huh.I am certainly very happy to be able to see and capture […]

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Ariff & Filzah : The Cute Ones

From the Bride & Groom: “Now, I shall start my love story….. We met through the social network FRIENDSTER. Please don’t laugh, although we know friendster has extinct. We were still studying during that time. *ehem ehem* That was beginning of January 2006. After just […]

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Madeline & Daniel

Daniel & Madeline found their love at a place where they spent most of their time at.Any clue?If your answer is home,well I guess you are a jobless person.Ok just kidding but the fact is,we don’t really spend that much time at home compare to […]

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