Hanni Qayden – Daddy Day Care


If you guys remember this couple,well here’s that kiddo who was in the lady’s tummy for 9 whole months.Ouh and you can find their wedding photos lurking somewhere in here too!How time flies huh.I am certainly very happy to be able to see and capture the journey of Johannan & Ika.It’s simply,priceless.

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Ariff & Filzah : The Cute Ones

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From the Bride & Groom:
“Now, I shall start my love story…..
We met through the social network FRIENDSTER. Please don’t laugh, although we know friendster has extinct.
We were still studying during that time. *ehem ehem*
That was beginning of January 2006. After just 1.5 weeks of late night calls and chatting on MSN, our relationship started.
Everything happened very quickly. Hehehe.
Basically, i watch him grow from a student in ITE Central, during his NS life in the Police Force and till now as a Policeman.
Very very “Ah Boys To Men” type of love…. Lol..
When we were together, Filzah was just about to sit for her N’s. Ariff gave her confidence and so much support also for her O’s.
During his NS, she has always looked forward for Friday (book out day) and dreaded Sunday (book in day). However, she always look forward for book in day as she get to pack the “luggage” and do grocery shopping for tidbits……
One fine day some where November 2011, it just struck Ariff’s mind that we should further “upgrade” our relationship as we have been celebrating anniversaries on every January of a new year. Some sort of a proposal. Lol.
BGR: 22 January 2006 (hahaha!)
Engagement Day: 22 January 2012 (exactly on our 6th year!)
Wedding Day: 11 January 2014 (almost our 8th year!)
What he loves about her: her pretty face, captivating eyes and sweet smile. she is responsible for my growing up life until now. How can I not love her…
What she loves about him: his cute smile, shy by nature… very patient although filzah has a very short temper.. his skinny built (i love skinny boys!)
We both share a common thing, we LOVE babies!! “
Well thank you so much for sharing with us yeah.Let’s pray for them and give them your blessing for a blissful marriage life together Insya’allah.
Here’s a list of the vendors for Ariff & Filzah’s wedding, hope it will come in handy for those who are still sourcing out.
Bridal Service by Padi Bridal
Henna by Syraskins
Wedding Car by Downtown Services
Kompang & Performance by Arjuna
Catering & Decor by Ungu Wedding Services
Vadeh Section by Royal Vadeh
DJ – AG Live Entertainment (Shahid)
Catering,Decor & DJ by A&R Hjh Ruhana Wedding Services

Zhou Yansheng & Shahirah Arshad- One Love One Heart

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Love knows no colours. Couldn’t be any more precise for this couple. Despite the differences others saw, they only see the similarities between each other.It wasn’t love at first sight but perhaps love at first ICQ chat. Having been friends for about 6 years, they got to know each other more via the oh-so-powerful technology. And that’s when the late nights on computer and hefty phone bills started.The groom loves the way the bride smiles and her witty comments. She attributes her gift of the gab to her half-Indian blood. But what’s the most important to him is her immense love for children.The bride loves the groom’s humorous antics and how he is an auntie-killer. Lighting up a room with just his mere presence makes him a very likeable guy.His patience deeply complements the bride’s fiery temper. Her emphasis on efficiency makes up for his procrastinating habits.The jiemeis make up of the bride’s closest cousins and friends of at least 17 years. They’ve seen through her rough and golden years. And, they have witnessed how the couple’s love grew through the years against all odds.The xiongdis have touched the groom’s life in one way or another throughout his life. With successful careers on their belt (think doctor, Rescuers, lab tech and financial analyst), none had any airs around them. Humble and rooted to the ground, they make the best xiongdis for this laid-back groom.I guess that just sums up everything.One love,one heart.Just like the late MJ – It don’t matter if you’re black or white.

Hugs & Kisses,


Nasz Ismail

Madeline & Daniel

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Daniel & Madeline found their love at a place where they spent most of their time at.Any clue?If your answer is home,well I guess you are a jobless person.Ok just kidding but the fact is,we don’t really spend that much time at home compare to your workplace.Take for example you spend at least 9 hours at work per day,not inclusive of overtime.Time travel to work takes 1 hour at least to and fro.That’s 10 hours.You have 14 hours left.Add the overtime.3 hours for instance,That’s 11 hours left.Take the time you head for dinner.1 hour.That’s 10 hours left.So compare the time you’re at home to the the time you’re at work or outside.Well these are just random calculations.It may differ though and I’m just writing this to fill your time.Hah!Back to the couple!There met 5 years ago,as colleague.When you are colleagues,contact number is not an issue.They started off with SMS and the rest was history.The courtship when on and they had their ROM back in Aug 2012.Moved into their new house last month and this is their customary wedding.While the guy loves photography,oh yeah he’s a bird shooter.You know,the guy with the big and looooong….lenses,the lady loves Stitch,the blue alien (I think).The wedding kicks off at 6am,well I had to be there at 6am.Felt like a zombie and I had 2 cans of red bull cause I thought it would give me wings but no it does not!Oh,sorry.The sisters were there to prep the ultimate tastebud challenge for the brothers and the groom.The super fresh red hot chilli really makes my spine tingle.By the looks of it I can feel the hotness of level 99!Pity the brothers.Wearing Christmas rain deer hat and humongous ribbon on your head,dancing to Gangnam style early in the morning,what a cool way to work that sweat.Hahaha!Well they did a great job and manage to get into the room (after numerous red packets).We then head to the groom side for tea ceremony back to their new house to change,ouh I met Cookie there,the couple’s dog.He’s cute but I can’t touch it.I love animals though.Ok,back to the bride’s house for tea ceremony before we had few hours break but poor Mr Raihan Muhaimin (Once Upon Images) had to head back to the office to finish up the morning highlights for the dinner.He did a great job with it.Dinner was held at the Regent Hotel and hurray end of event!Took some quick shots with the couple at the lobby,just love the spiral staircase.Well congratulations to Mr & Mrs Koh,it was a pleasure covering the event for you guys and I had a great time with the crazy video crew from Once Upon Images.Till we meet again!Happy Advance New Year from me to you!Have a great year ahead yeah!

Hadi & Suhaila

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Hadi & Suhaila. Cute and fun couple. Had a great time shooting their “MTV” (check it out at https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151702295970957 if you’ve missed it)  together with spontaneous friends. The event was all great and it was my second time working with Kak Has from Chantique The Bridal Gallery. I really enjoy working her. She’s quite cool,chill and she’s really fast with the makeup. She really managed to get the bride dolled up on time or earlier. As and when during the event she will joke with me and assist at the same time. Really helpful lady. Hope I get the chance to work with her again Insya’allah. The couple had a bunch of really helpful bridesmaids (we have an actress in the house!) and groomsmen, making sure that everything runs smoothly and not forgetting the help from the bride’s cousin. The solemnisation took place in Al-Muttaqin Mosque, somewhere in Ang Mo Kio, it was pouring but syukur alhamdullilah it poured when we’ve reached the mosque and stopped as soon as the solemnisation was over. It was a teary moment,honestly I almost teared myself looking at the bride.No kidding (Counting the months before it’s my turn!Hah!) It did drizzled for a bit after a while when we’re heading for outdoor shoot at the Gardens by the Bay and to avoid the rain, we went into the cloud forest. It was cooling but I had to shoot fast as the sun begins to set rapidly. I really had to boost the ISO along the way,reaching 6400,well that’s my limit. We went out for final image down the Super Treegroove. It was wet and dark, really dark that handheld shot without any light source could go up to 12800.I was surprised to see only like, 5-6 people there, I mean,it’s the weekend and I was actually expecting a crowd.Well they are not there when you need them so I go for a different approach to this shot. Took me 5 shots of 5-10 secs with my LED to get it right. I had to thank the couple for making it possible. They were really co-operative and it’s not easy to stand still and not move for that long. Thanks guys! The actual day went smoothly and well as always .The family members was really spontaneous and close the event with a traditional Indonesian “Poco-Poco”  line dance. Awesome. Well, have a great month and a happy wet holiday season to everyone. 3 more weddings on my side before I close 2013. Goodbye, for now….

Hadi & Suhaila – From Friends to Love

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While shooting their video, I managed to grab a few shots. Oh yeah, this place. It’s my playground. It’s paradise. You can just sit and enjoy the beautiful sunset and the lighting is just magical. This couple, they will be walking the aisle in just about 5 days. Heads up for their event photos yeah. Do check out their awesome video at https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151702295970957&l=7683539302237616848. Have a great day ahead!

Nafil & Nuri – The 311 Wedding

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We are celebrating the love of a Muay Thai boxer and a Nurse. Something out of the norm, a wedding in something which looks like a traditional thai (or was it?). Find it cool though. It’s rather a simple ceremony with the solemnisation being held at Masjid Ba’alwie, somewhere along Bukit Timah Rd, Lewis Rd to be exact. One of the oldest mosque around, built by Habib Muhammad bin Salim Al-’Attas in the early 1950s. The event was lead by yet again, one of the oldest and experienced Kadi around, Kadi Hassan Salim (think I can memorise his dialogue) , one of his favourites – “Fuhh,bergegar hall ni” (Wow,the hall is shaking) lol! Oh and he loves to say this to the photographer (me) “Arr petik gambar banyak2,biar masuk berita harian,tamil murusu” (Snap more photos and let it be published in the newspapers). Hahaha. He does have sense of humour for an old-timer.  It all went smoothly, weather was on our side (syukur alhamdullilah) during the solemnisation though it’s the November Rain (guns and roses rocks!) season, it did pour a little but that was when we reached the Centrepoint where the wedding was held. Desa Kartika to be exact, Indonesian Restaurant. Everything was in order when we reached there and everything just went smoothly as according to the schedule. The bride and groom was able to meet 97.8% of their friends who came (I’m just making up figures hor!). Oh yes, that’s the benefit of having a combined wedding. Trust me! One place is enough and the best part is that you don’t have to rush and you will be able to meet your friends and thank them personally for attending your wedding. An advice from a bachelor, if you are planning for a wedding ,either do it one day at one place or two days whereby Saturday will be the solemnisation + event at the girl’s side followed by the guy’s side on Sunday. Meet your friends, smile, keep cool, stay calm, no rush and avoid unwanted misunderstanding and arguments. Trust me. I’ve covered numerous weddings and I’ve seen how things go but hey! at the end of the day it’s your wedding. Do as you please,I’m just sharing my thoughts. Well apparently I have acquaintances among their circle of friends, happen to be that I knew one of them from a friend back then and one of them was my ex school mate whom apparently is leading a happy live with a cool dude who was my senior and they have a super duper cute son whom I wish to kidnap and put in my camera bag!Oh and I met my future client whom I can’t really recognise!Sheeesh!Epic! (Ok my bad!my mind was elsewhere when you jumped in front of me.) From the bottom of my heart, I apologise!Oh if you wonder why it’s called “The 311 wedding”,well it was held on November 3rd! and their march in song was “Love Song” by 311!Love it!Ok! I shall stop here, it’s 0635 now and yes I’ve not sleep throughout but I’m always happy to see the frames that has been freeze for my clients to remember the things that happened or just some part of it which was missed.And being able to present to them and making them smile, priceless. Have a great weekend beautiful people!