Meivy Pangerapan | Fadi Barghouti

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I felt really blessed,while trying to emerge out and expose myself I met a nice lady,Huda.She’s a business owner,dealing with wedding gowns,My Perfect Dress.I was approached to shoot some of her wedding gown collections and through her I was engaged for this cross culture wedding.It was really exciting and I was really happy to be a part of the event,the important moment for the couple,whose culture differs from mine.Oh,they are both from a different part of the world!Fadi was from Ramallah,Palestine and Meivy was from Jawa Barat,Indonesia and here they are exchanged vows in Singapore!It was a small event,maybe a group of 20-30 pax but it was enough to make the event lively.It was held in a small restaurant at One North Biopolis,Buona Vista.It’s pretty much a simple ROM,exchanging vows with some singing and dinner,filled with joyful faces and beautiful voices echoing down the hall.I really enjoyed covering the event.As I’m posting this,the event which took place last year,I believe the couple are happily playing with their 5 months old baby girl back in Indonesia (ps:I just checked their Facebook!lol!).

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