Aman | Inda

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Aman & Inda.Well that’s their name.Do you know what does Aman & Inda means in Malay?Aman is like,peaceful.Inda is a word to describe a beautiful scenery.So what do we get out of them?A peaceful beautiful scenery.Kinda perfect match huh?The solemnisation took place on the 16th of March 2013 and the Actual Day Wedding was held on the 30th of March 2013.It was a pretty straightforward and simple event but hey,every wedding is different in it’s own way.I was engaged by Aman,there were few more photographers from Hakim Studios whom was engaged by the bride.Pretty cool and fun bunch.Had a great time working with them.Aman’s event was well took care of by his 3 best buds (one of em is his close cousin) Adib,Hairie & Redza.They’ve been around his life for years.I believe it’s great to have people whom you can really trust and count on,especially when it comes to such an important event of your life.Did I mention the live Malay Orchestra Band was stupendous?!Played by non other than Aman’s best buds.Oh he was in for a surprise when they call him up to sing!That was fun.Hah!Oh ya,and I met 2 cute cats Duke and Elle over at their place during the event.You wouldn’t believe me if I tell you how humongous Duke was!Sum things up,another great wedding with great people.

PS: Aman,you look cool with that moustache ;p


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