Fadly & Nursafidzah

IMG_7856 IMG_7854 IMG_7846 IMG_8035 IMG_8031 IMG_5487 IMG_7841 IMG_5536 IMG_5569 IMG_7928 IMG_7905 IMG_5583 IMG_7957 IMG_7969 IMG_5636 IMG_5641 IMG_7965 IMG_5666 IMG_8048 IMG_8016 IMG_5672 IMG_8004 IMG_8062 IMG_5660 IMG_8069 IMG_8086 IMG_8235 IMG_8233 IMG_8226 IMG_8224 IMG_8244 IMG_8312 IMG_5806 IMG_5801 IMG_5792 IMG_8337 IMG_5818 IMG_8347 IMG_5820 IMG_5825 IMG_5838 IMG_5686 IMG_5695 IMG_8111 IMG_8126 IMG_8157 IMG_8197 IMG_5739 IMG_5708 IMG_5724 14


You can see how lovely and natural they look in the photos,especially for the outdoor shoot.It’s like they are in their own world which makes my job easier.Every smile and look was real.Spontaneous,co-operative and adventurous I should say.I really thank them for trusting me with the last shot of the day,which was in the middle of the busy streets in Orchard Road.Dashing through the road and standing still in a romantic pose with strangers gawking at them.I owe a huge thank you to the makeup artist from Versari Ade as well for helping me out with the last shot.It was a long day but I do enjoy covering their special day.Started out in the noon for the solemnisation,followed by the outdoor shoot at Marina Bay Sands,dinner at Garuda Orchard Central.Lovely couple and a lovely wedding.Thank you to all the family members for making me feel welcomed and thanks to couple for letting me be a part of their significant day.



It’s a wrap ya!!

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