Keegan & Joreen

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What a great day to wake up and head to the hotel to cover a short and simple wedding ceremony.Well not really a ceremony,more of a ROM lunch.I can’t deny that I love covering an event in the hotel (air-conditioned!what else can it be?!hah!).The ROM was held at The Gallery Hotel,slightly outskirts of the town area.Fancy artsy hotel,I’m not quite sure but the interiors and stuffs was designed by La Salle,wait,or was it NAFA students.Sorry can’t really recall but I know it was designed by arts students which is why the Hotel looks,errr cool!The MUA for the bride was non other then her best friend.She really did a great job,kudos to that!Oh yeah the wedding ring was one of a kind,it’s in a form of Phoenix and a Dragon!Of coz it symbolise something and has a deep meaning to it.No doubt it was a simple reception but having close friends and families,well that’s enough to make the event a memorable one.Heard from the groom about the crazy bachelor party that he had with his friends,hmmm,nah I’m not gonna elaborate on then.Love the Brides dress,love the props that their friends “D.I.Y”,love the place,love the event and I just love my job.The kissing escalator shot helped me to cling on some awards and I really thank the couple for making it happen.


Ouh,no no.I didn’t scare this lil girl off.She was just wondering when will it be her turn. ;p


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