Fadly & Nursafidzah : Sunshine In The Rain

IMG_8763“Come dear let’s enjoy the rain!” IMG_8773“Are you ready?” IMG_8776 “Let’s run!”IMG_8779 “Hah!No selendang for you!Haha!”IMG_8781“Oh no no,the selendang is mine!Wahahaha” IMG_8784“Yeah I got it!” IMG_8785“Come give me a big hug!” IMG_8787 “Oh dear..”IMG_8788 “Ok you can put me down now”IMG_8794 “Mere tum pagal hai kuch kuch hotak hang hei!”IMG_8797“Ok enough,let’s head home” IMG_8800“Weeeeeeeee!”


Haha!Good day folks!Apologies for the crap captions,can’t help it.Figure you guys came across their actual day wedding photos?or not..Pffft..Well you guys can scroll down or click on the shortcut over at the right column.So yeah.This is it.Fadly & Fidzah.The shots was taken right after their ceremony ended.Figured that I wanted some more shots of them since I have some time left but it was raining!So there I was sitting in their living room,packing up my stuffs looking out the window when I noticed a patch of small open area.That’s when I got the idea of doing something fun,well provided if they agree cause it rather sounds crazy.Asked them and they agreed!So i took out my 135 mil,head down and stood under the walkway (I don’t dare to get my gears wet lor) and simply told them to take a dip in the rain,be yourself and have fun!!Thus all these fun natural shots was captured.Tell me when was the last time you get yourself soaked in the rain and laughed about it?10 or 20 years back?I bet you will definitely frown and pull a long face.”Aiya my Gucci bag wet lei”,”Aiyo my hair mess up lar”,”Oh no my Salvatore Ferragamo shoe!”Pffft!Ok seriously,when you are having a bad day at work or things just didn’t go as you’ve planned,no no,let me finish my sentence,I’m not asking you to get yourself wet in the rain lar.What I’m trying to say is,try not to make all this spoil your day.Heads up,smile and try to thing of something that could lighten up your day.Anything as long as it will make you smile or even laugh.Look forward to a brand new day.Just like the rain,it’s not here to stay.It doesn’t pour all the way throughout.It will eventually come to a stop.Just like your bad day.It won’t prolong.So remember this,behind that gloomy rain,there will be a sun waiting to shine again (or you can say the moon if it’s at night ;p).Smile people,smile…..



Just like Fadly & Fidzah…Smile 🙂

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