Johannan & Ika Lestari

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Jo & Ika,perfect for each other.A handsome gentlemen and a gorgeously beautiful lady.An Air Steward and a teacher.The event was held at the Serangoon Country Club,it’s a simple function and those invited are mostly close friends and relatives.The bridal was from Merah Jambu The Bridal Gallery,simple yet stunning,it was really nice working with them.The couple,well they were fun and energetic.I had a great time.Unknowingly they would surprise me with funny gestures.Love it!The event was short and sweet,we had the Groom surprising the bride with a song on the acoustic guitar at the end of the ceremony.Awwww,it really touched the bride.How romantic was that?Would you do that for your loved one?Face the crowd and express your feelings through music?It really takes a lot of guts.Kudos Jo,you sang and played well.Well I don’t really have much to say,wait,just one thing.Do whatever it takes to keep your love alive,you don’t have to be romantic,you don’t have to do something special only when it’s a special day.Keep it random and don’t let the flame die.Everyday with your love one is a special day. 🙂

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