Lauren & Serene Actual Day Highlights

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Arrrr..A wedding reception in the hotel.A very cooling wedding I should say (simply coz it’s air-conditioned) . Hah! Have you ever thought of dating your colleague or even spend the rest of your life with them?That’s how the love story unfold for Lauren & Serene. Working in the same company and now living in the same house and sharing a common toilet ;p .. It’s not easy to have your spouse as your colleague,for them it doesn’t really matter.Hey when you’re in love you just don’t care about all this.Even if your spouse is your boss!Errr,well that would be awkward.Niwaes,kudos to the both of them and goodnight to all of you!

265C0131  Here’s a goodnight kiss for ya..Muacksz!!

265C0127 Ouh don’t forget to drink up your milk! Yam Seng!

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