From daylight till nightfall – Taufiq & Nurhamizah

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Taufiq & Hamizah,perfect for each other.They’ve known each other for like a decade,friends back then from their tertiary CCA in NCC where both of them were Cadet officers.The charming Taufiq spotted the sweet tomboyish Hamizah,who wasn’t really a social butterfly due to the fact that she was wearing a yellow shoe (reminds me of paddington bear!) and he thought that she was kinda sweet (awwwww).They reconnected 3 years back when Hamizah was in her second year at NUS while Taufiq was working as a teacher at Teck Whye Secondary School and everything just took it’s path to a smooth sailing love story.I really had great time working with them especially during the outdoors.They were so full of energy!Till we meet again..nighty night!Signing off,Nasz Ismail……

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