Nafil & Nuri – The 311 Wedding

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We are celebrating the love of a Muay Thai boxer and a Nurse. Something out of the norm, a wedding in something which looks like a traditional thai (or was it?). Find it cool though. It’s rather a simple ceremony with the solemnisation being held at Masjid Ba’alwie, somewhere along Bukit Timah Rd, Lewis Rd to be exact. One of the oldest mosque around, built by Habib Muhammad bin Salim Al-’Attas in the early 1950s. The event was lead by yet again, one of the oldest and experienced Kadi around, Kadi Hassan Salim (think I can memorise his dialogue) , one of his favourites – “Fuhh,bergegar hall ni” (Wow,the hall is shaking) lol! Oh and he loves to say this to the photographer (me) “Arr petik gambar banyak2,biar masuk berita harian,tamil murusu” (Snap more photos and let it be published in the newspapers). Hahaha. He does have sense of humour for an old-timer.  It all went smoothly, weather was on our side (syukur alhamdullilah) during the solemnisation though it’s the November Rain (guns and roses rocks!) season, it did pour a little but that was when we reached the Centrepoint where the wedding was held. Desa Kartika to be exact, Indonesian Restaurant. Everything was in order when we reached there and everything just went smoothly as according to the schedule. The bride and groom was able to meet 97.8% of their friends who came (I’m just making up figures hor!). Oh yes, that’s the benefit of having a combined wedding. Trust me! One place is enough and the best part is that you don’t have to rush and you will be able to meet your friends and thank them personally for attending your wedding. An advice from a bachelor, if you are planning for a wedding ,either do it one day at one place or two days whereby Saturday will be the solemnisation + event at the girl’s side followed by the guy’s side on Sunday. Meet your friends, smile, keep cool, stay calm, no rush and avoid unwanted misunderstanding and arguments. Trust me. I’ve covered numerous weddings and I’ve seen how things go but hey! at the end of the day it’s your wedding. Do as you please,I’m just sharing my thoughts. Well apparently I have acquaintances among their circle of friends, happen to be that I knew one of them from a friend back then and one of them was my ex school mate whom apparently is leading a happy live with a cool dude who was my senior and they have a super duper cute son whom I wish to kidnap and put in my camera bag!Oh and I met my future client whom I can’t really recognise!Sheeesh!Epic! (Ok my bad!my mind was elsewhere when you jumped in front of me.) From the bottom of my heart, I apologise!Oh if you wonder why it’s called “The 311 wedding”,well it was held on November 3rd! and their march in song was “Love Song” by 311!Love it!Ok! I shall stop here, it’s 0635 now and yes I’ve not sleep throughout but I’m always happy to see the frames that has been freeze for my clients to remember the things that happened or just some part of it which was missed.And being able to present to them and making them smile, priceless. Have a great weekend beautiful people!

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