Hadi & Suhaila

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Hadi & Suhaila. Cute and fun couple. Had a great time shooting their “MTV” (check it out at https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151702295970957 if you’ve missed it)  together with spontaneous friends. The event was all great and it was my second time working with Kak Has from Chantique The Bridal Gallery. I really enjoy working her. She’s quite cool,chill and she’s really fast with the makeup. She really managed to get the bride dolled up on time or earlier. As and when during the event she will joke with me and assist at the same time. Really helpful lady. Hope I get the chance to work with her again Insya’allah. The couple had a bunch of really helpful bridesmaids (we have an actress in the house!) and groomsmen, making sure that everything runs smoothly and not forgetting the help from the bride’s cousin. The solemnisation took place in Al-Muttaqin Mosque, somewhere in Ang Mo Kio, it was pouring but syukur alhamdullilah it poured when we’ve reached the mosque and stopped as soon as the solemnisation was over. It was a teary moment,honestly I almost teared myself looking at the bride.No kidding (Counting the months before it’s my turn!Hah!) It did drizzled for a bit after a while when we’re heading for outdoor shoot at the Gardens by the Bay and to avoid the rain, we went into the cloud forest. It was cooling but I had to shoot fast as the sun begins to set rapidly. I really had to boost the ISO along the way,reaching 6400,well that’s my limit. We went out for final image down the Super Treegroove. It was wet and dark, really dark that handheld shot without any light source could go up to 12800.I was surprised to see only like, 5-6 people there, I mean,it’s the weekend and I was actually expecting a crowd.Well they are not there when you need them so I go for a different approach to this shot. Took me 5 shots of 5-10 secs with my LED to get it right. I had to thank the couple for making it possible. They were really co-operative and it’s not easy to stand still and not move for that long. Thanks guys! The actual day went smoothly and well as always .The family members was really spontaneous and close the event with a traditional Indonesian “Poco-Poco”  line dance. Awesome. Well, have a great month and a happy wet holiday season to everyone. 3 more weddings on my side before I close 2013. Goodbye, for now….

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