Madeline & Daniel

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Daniel & Madeline found their love at a place where they spent most of their time at.Any clue?If your answer is home,well I guess you are a jobless person.Ok just kidding but the fact is,we don’t really spend that much time at home compare to your workplace.Take for example you spend at least 9 hours at work per day,not inclusive of overtime.Time travel to work takes 1 hour at least to and fro.That’s 10 hours.You have 14 hours left.Add the overtime.3 hours for instance,That’s 11 hours left.Take the time you head for dinner.1 hour.That’s 10 hours left.So compare the time you’re at home to the the time you’re at work or outside.Well these are just random calculations.It may differ though and I’m just writing this to fill your time.Hah!Back to the couple!There met 5 years ago,as colleague.When you are colleagues,contact number is not an issue.They started off with SMS and the rest was history.The courtship when on and they had their ROM back in Aug 2012.Moved into their new house last month and this is their customary wedding.While the guy loves photography,oh yeah he’s a bird shooter.You know,the guy with the big and looooong….lenses,the lady loves Stitch,the blue alien (I think).The wedding kicks off at 6am,well I had to be there at 6am.Felt like a zombie and I had 2 cans of red bull cause I thought it would give me wings but no it does not!Oh,sorry.The sisters were there to prep the ultimate tastebud challenge for the brothers and the groom.The super fresh red hot chilli really makes my spine tingle.By the looks of it I can feel the hotness of level 99!Pity the brothers.Wearing Christmas rain deer hat and humongous ribbon on your head,dancing to Gangnam style early in the morning,what a cool way to work that sweat.Hahaha!Well they did a great job and manage to get into the room (after numerous red packets).We then head to the groom side for tea ceremony back to their new house to change,ouh I met Cookie there,the couple’s dog.He’s cute but I can’t touch it.I love animals though.Ok,back to the bride’s house for tea ceremony before we had few hours break but poor Mr Raihan Muhaimin (Once Upon Images) had to head back to the office to finish up the morning highlights for the dinner.He did a great job with it.Dinner was held at the Regent Hotel and hurray end of event!Took some quick shots with the couple at the lobby,just love the spiral staircase.Well congratulations to Mr & Mrs Koh,it was a pleasure covering the event for you guys and I had a great time with the crazy video crew from Once Upon Images.Till we meet again!Happy Advance New Year from me to you!Have a great year ahead yeah!

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