Zhou Yansheng & Shahirah Arshad- One Love One Heart

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Love knows no colours. Couldn’t be any more precise for this couple. Despite the differences others saw, they only see the similarities between each other.It wasn’t love at first sight but perhaps love at first ICQ chat. Having been friends for about 6 years, they got to know each other more via the oh-so-powerful technology. And that’s when the late nights on computer and hefty phone bills started.The groom loves the way the bride smiles and her witty comments. She attributes her gift of the gab to her half-Indian blood. But what’s the most important to him is her immense love for children.The bride loves the groom’s humorous antics and how he is an auntie-killer. Lighting up a room with just his mere presence makes him a very likeable guy.His patience deeply complements the bride’s fiery temper. Her emphasis on efficiency makes up for his procrastinating habits.The jiemeis make up of the bride’s closest cousins and friends of at least 17 years. They’ve seen through her rough and golden years. And, they have witnessed how the couple’s love grew through the years against all odds.The xiongdis have touched the groom’s life in one way or another throughout his life. With successful careers on their belt (think doctor, Rescuers, lab tech and financial analyst), none had any airs around them. Humble and rooted to the ground, they make the best xiongdis for this laid-back groom.I guess that just sums up everything.One love,one heart.Just like the late MJ – It don’t matter if you’re black or white.

Hugs & Kisses,


Nasz Ismail

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