Ariff & Filzah : The Cute Ones

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From the Bride & Groom:
“Now, I shall start my love story…..
We met through the social network FRIENDSTER. Please don’t laugh, although we know friendster has extinct.
We were still studying during that time. *ehem ehem*
That was beginning of January 2006. After just 1.5 weeks of late night calls and chatting on MSN, our relationship started.
Everything happened very quickly. Hehehe.
Basically, i watch him grow from a student in ITE Central, during his NS life in the Police Force and till now as a Policeman.
Very very “Ah Boys To Men” type of love…. Lol..
When we were together, Filzah was just about to sit for her N’s. Ariff gave her confidence and so much support also for her O’s.
During his NS, she has always looked forward for Friday (book out day) and dreaded Sunday (book in day). However, she always look forward for book in day as she get to pack the “luggage” and do grocery shopping for tidbits……
One fine day some where November 2011, it just struck Ariff’s mind that we should further “upgrade” our relationship as we have been celebrating anniversaries on every January of a new year. Some sort of a proposal. Lol.
BGR: 22 January 2006 (hahaha!)
Engagement Day: 22 January 2012 (exactly on our 6th year!)
Wedding Day: 11 January 2014 (almost our 8th year!)
What he loves about her: her pretty face, captivating eyes and sweet smile. she is responsible for my growing up life until now. How can I not love her…
What she loves about him: his cute smile, shy by nature… very patient although filzah has a very short temper.. his skinny built (i love skinny boys!)
We both share a common thing, we LOVE babies!! “
Well thank you so much for sharing with us yeah.Let’s pray for them and give them your blessing for a blissful marriage life together Insya’allah.
Here’s a list of the vendors for Ariff & Filzah’s wedding, hope it will come in handy for those who are still sourcing out.
Bridal Service by Padi Bridal
Henna by Syraskins
Wedding Car by Downtown Services
Kompang & Performance by Arjuna
Catering & Decor by Ungu Wedding Services
Vadeh Section by Royal Vadeh
DJ – AG Live Entertainment (Shahid)
Catering,Decor & DJ by A&R Hjh Ruhana Wedding Services

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