Shaiful & Fariha

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Our Love Story…

“It all started in a same workplace. A new office girl was approached by an engineer to check on his checklist of spares for the vessel he is working on. Stumbled upon that request the new girl was unprepared as the staff in-charge was on urgent leave. He decided to come another day. As they bumped onto each other often, their hearts start to grow fonder. Exchanging chocolates and sweets in sealed envelopes and discreetly put on each others’ desks was a beautiful and memorable way of contact. It took a few months before they exchange numbers and almost two years of courtship. After all ups and downs, Alhamdulillah, it all seems worthwhile.”

Why He Likes Her…
Her humble character which was not defined in all girls i knew before and such character nowadays are rarely seen. Her politeness upon answering back, makes me forget what question i was actually asking. At times, i wonder how come i did not meet her before. With Allah’s will which brought us both together until this day, i am thankful to have her now as my wife…. Yahoooooooo….!!!!!

Why She Likes Him….
I was firstly attracted by his voice. I don’t know why but hearing that voice for the first time makes me turned to look who’s talking. Hehe..  He brings himself around very well which i believe he will do the same to our family. I felt that i am well-protected whenever i’m with him. He’s always the decision maker and his decision works for me most of the time. And for all these attributes, i believe these are what it takes for someone i should look up as my imam.

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