Wedding Thine Lightroom Presets by Sleeklens

In the digital world of photography, I’m pretty sure that most of the professional photographers requires some help with their workflow. Having useful tools such as presets for Lightroom will definitely help to ease our work especially when you have hundreds of images to touch up. I’m not saying that we are touching up on bad photos to make it look good but to make a good photo better. Presets are usually used by myself to get the entire feel of a wedding that I have shot. By having presets that I’ve desired and with some tweaking, it helps me to get the consistency that I need for the entire set. I have organised my presets to achieve the tones and colours that suits my style of shooting. Few days back I was approached by Sleeklens to try out on their Forever Wedding Thine Workflow which is available here:

Forever Thine Wedding Workflow

Honestly this is not the first workflow by Sleeklens that I have used. The presets offered by them are rather affordable compared to others. You can check out the rest of the presets here:

What do you get with this wedding workflow?112 Wedding Lightroom Presets + 23 Professional-quality Wedding Lightroom Brushes. Yes, 112 presets. Quite a steal for the price huh. The set was sent to me earlier on and I had chance to try it out. My thoughts? Awesome! There are some presets that I love. Like the “bridesmaids” and “bestman” which really suits my style but my favourite was the “wedding toast” It is really up to individual preferences. Those mentioned suits me as I prefer bold and bright colours. There are matte and film look included as well. The other good thing about the sets are the “colour correct” and “tone/tint” sets which helps you to tweak your colours and tones after applying the base sets. There are black & white sets too but it’s not quite to my liking but hey,it’s individual preferences ya. Below are some of the sets that I’ve tried on my recent work. Do check out the link provided,perhaps there are other sets that you might be interested with to help with your workflow and for the price,it is quite a bargain. Well,back to work for me. Have a great week!

    • Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 8.46.49 pm


wedding toast & reduce blue tone bridesmaids Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 9.34.47 pm bestman and red tones i do darling

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